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We believe in big ideas and know that some of our best work comes from moments when we push the boundaries. We’re excited by the opportunity Defy brings to the consumer. The design strategically blends technology and design to deliver the convenience of fast, craveable food without many of the challenges of traditional drive-thrus.
Michael Strommen, PD Instore CEO.
We know that today’s consumer expects convenience and personalization, and our team excels at creating unique and memorable experiences. We developed the Defy concept to help Taco Bell and Border Foods meet consumer needs and deliver exceptional customer service in a brand new way.
Josh Hanson, WORKSHOP Founder
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What is Hi-Top? 
Hi-Top is a brick-and-mortar retail solution that helps retailers adapt to the evolving needs of today’s consumers. Whether ordering their favorite fast food meal on an app or remembering a few things they need to pick up on their way home from work, Hi-Top gets products into consumers’ hands quickly, conveniently, and securely while still providing a highly-personalized shopping experience.

What makes the Hi-Top design unique? 

Hi-Top is designed to meet consumers where they are at, meaning it is one of the first retail experiences that prioritizes mobile and online ordering. The elevated work space is optimized for operations, while the lower level creates a consumer experience that is equal parts efficient and memorable. Splitting operations from the customer experience allows for safe, convenient, and highly-personalized customer and employee interactions.

What is the Hi-Top customer experience like?
Hi-Top delivers the ease of at-home delivery, but with the security and reliability of in-store pick-up. The overall experience is highly personalized and prioritizes convenience by eliminating hassles like long lines and stolen packages. 
Customers are able to use drive-thru lanes, or arrive by bike or on foot, Hi-Top provides a quick, easy, and memorable experience. Ordering is done via an app or online, and then visitors simply pull up, scan a QR code, and their order is delivered via proprietary lift system. For some industries like quick serve restaurants, traditional ordering methods can be accommodated as well.

What is the overall business impact of Hi-Top? 

Overall sales impact will depend on the specifics of your industry, business model and operations. However, all construction for Hi-Top is done above grade, and coupled with an optimized footprint, it means Hi-Top costs the same to build as a traditional fast food restaurant or retail location. But, features like designated pick-up aisles eliminate lines and act as an expanded access point for online purchases. As an example, for the quick-serve restaurant industry, we estimate that Hi-Top has the potential to increase sales volume by at least 50% within the same store square footage. Contact us to learn more about overall business impacts.

What industries does Hi-Top serve? 

Hi-Top works for a huge variety of retail settings -- from quick serve restaurants or pharmacies, to big box retail stores or as an affordable outpost for online retail services. The first physical Hi-Top location is Taco Bell Defy and will be finished in 2022.

Are there other Vertical Works solutions aside from Hi-Top? 

The team at Vertical Works is always iterating on architectural and construction solutions that can help optimize retail and beyond. If you have a problem in mind or an idea that needs a more custom solution, please contact us.